March 2015…Writing final two tracks next week for the Sony album, but there is also interest from Pete Tongs management and label.. watch this space. 11 tracks written so far!

My pre=production Demo here:

Here is another keyboard arrangement of mine for Natasha Watts with Distant People. “Stronger”

Click pic for link

Here is my pre-production demo.


About to start work remixing a lovely track by Tasita D’Mour, my new favourite vocalist!

Also, new demo of some of my upcoming jazz and soul tracks for Eclectika with some deep house solo piano and Tribal sounds is here. August 2013
Eclectika 2- jazz:soul:deep house:tribal:solo piano by Andy Hickey


New Collaborations under way with Jason Herd, Lisa Millet and Abigail Bailey for the Spring 0f 2013, new Pop songs will be out soon.

I have a remastered demo of my dance keys from 2007 – 2009 below and will soon have a new one which has the best of 2009-2013 that I am about to upload and should be here by June 5th.

 My dance keys part2 2007-2009 by Andy Hickey
Here is an eg of a previous tune I arranged keys for with Lisa and Jason, with Felix Baumgartner along for the ride!  You know felix likes a good day out!

Also “Wicked Child” with my keys on is soon to be released on SONY BMG!
2013 New Montuno Online tracks done for Touching The Void and Joey Silvero.

Currently working with Richie kid on an interesting acid jazz style track with Robbie Craig on vocs



Andy playing keys (piano/strings) with the Russell Shaun Orchestra on this promo video


Dec 2012 her is my new version of “Too Shy” by Stevie. Its a piano accompaniment
Too shy new 1012 by Andy Hickey

September 2012.
I am working on a co-write with Jenna G and Jason Herd.Jenna has worked with Chase and Status and a whole bunch of people and I am so looking forward to hearing what she does with our track! prob out on SONY BMG.
here she is on another track..

New remix out soon with my keys arrangement on “Wicked Child” not the Radiohead song! Will link it when its done.

My keys and bass on this new remix with Juan Kidd on Ministry of sound.

Thanks to Joe Kindred for the session at Sankeys today. 2 new tracks done!

Also Doing a session for radio 1 DJ competition winner Hannah Jacques this week.

My cowrite with vocalist Rae:-
This was produced by jason herd with the Stafford brothers. All keys/bass and harmonic construction by Andy Hickey.



Deep house inspired track… a snipett…

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