Some Eg’s of original work

here are a few eg’s of original songs and tunes from my Soul/Pop/Dance output, not remixes.

I also have written for TV and Radio including idents, jingles and Theme work and have library music published.
below some originals by Andy andĀ  co writes also with Fyza Saleh

My original Soul songs by Andy Hickey
Some Co-Writes with Abigail Bailey and Katherine Ellis. Dance Divas!
Tell me why by Andy Hickey
So Strong by Andy Hickey

more co writes
Some co/writes by Andy Hickey

Co Write.
“ComeĀ  Around” written with Abigail Bailey

Love Yourself. My co write with Abigail Bailey. Andy – keys and piano solo.

A Co write with Rae, produced by herd, Stafford bros and keys and chords by Andy Hickey.

My co write with Penny Mac

A song I wrote for 5th Of Heaven with Denise Johnson on vocals, there is a better quality version on my soundcloud page

09 “Without You (Baby I’m Lost)” by Andy Hickey

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