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Here is my Garritan Steinway plug in demo. Get this sound on your tracks, good house sounds as well.
11 tracks now completed for Sony Australia with Juan Kidd this summer 2014 – Xmas 2014.deep house, soul and some electro.
Looking forward to the final mixes.
More collaborations also this month sept 2014 with Distant people and a credit for  piano on Touching The Void’s new ep. Thankd for the check Mark!
My keys on this new Deep Hose track for Distant people now available on traxsource 5/5/14
Thanks to “Agile” from Russia for the online piano work this April 2014
I am now working online via Skype.
This  enables you to hear my ideas in real time so we can arrive at musical solutions faster and more effectively.
Thanks to MAADR and Wouter Van Boxtael for the Skype session this week 9/3/14
About to start work remixing a lovely track by Tasita D’Mour, my new favourite vocalist! Sept 2013,.
I had fun working on a piano track with Richie Kidd in January, an old school jazz/ragtime break beat thing.
Thanks to Abigail Bailey for the work with her and producer Tony English last month, February we did a remix of Ressurection by Alison Moyet from the 80,s and I recreated all the keys parts. Thanks to Mark Warner for the session. Another Piano part done for Touching The Void Band. Also another Tribal synth piano track for Joey Silvero with my own remix available soon.
Montuno online now with Sylenth, Sonic Academy, Blade and Omnisphere along with Scarbee Rhodes and True Pianos… Montuno Online get me On You Stuff!!

Here is a new demo of my Dance composition and keys/bass arrangement. Part3 2009 – 2013
 My Dance compositions and keys/bass parts 2009-2013 by Andy Hickey
” Cant Stop”…. A co-write from about a year ago. my keys and pumping bass line on this mix with Juan Kidd

New video/mix found of my co-write with Lias Millet of “Now your gone” mixed by Juan Kidd

Many thanks to Joey Silvero for another Montuno Online session! Aug 2012

More sessions at Sankeys for Joe next week

Out soon!!  A cowrite with Jason Herd : “Wicked Child”. Going to be a big track! watch this space!…..

New track out written for Jason Herd, all my keys, chords and bass.

Original track was called “Friends” composed over a year ago, this has a new vocal over my original keys arrangement


New Track written with Distant People this week. July 22nd. Deep Soulfull House with a structural twist! Montuno Online. get me on your stuff!!

I provide an online keyboard production service for DJ’s and producers. I can add keyboard and bass arrangements to your tracks via “yousendit”, send me a logic file or mp3 and I can add new chords and keys in midi and/or audio.

Here is a demo of my recording Fender Rhodes, available for sessions, get it on your stuff!

My demo of my new Fender Rhodes, available for sessions by Andy Hickey

I began Montuno last year and have worked for clients in New York, Africa and Australia, I am currently working with a producer in Oz on a rearrangement of “September” by EWF, all done it now is:-
Dj Favorite & Jamie Sparks – September (Jolyon Petch & Andy Hickey Radio Edit) by Jolyon Petch

I first provided an online service transcribing and sending the midi file of a piano part which was a major feature of the Herd n Fitz no/11 uk charting hit “I just cant get enough” hear:-
Big Hits!!!! by Andy Hickey

I send you a demo mp3 and we go from there until you like what I have done, then I upload it to my cloud, you pay via pay pal and you get a code to download it, simples!
I can provide midi from as little as £60 sterling for quick chord progressions and bass lines.
The secret from your perspective is to :-
1. Know what you want!
2. Give me eg tracks as models for style etc.
3. Clarify that you only need midi, or if audio, what type of sounds you want for parts.
4. Have a prepared rhythm bounce for me to work to, quality of production not important, with or without vocals.
5. Let me know is this going to have vocals or be an instrumental.
6. Be prepared to discuss my involvement in PRS MCPS where applicable.

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  1. admin says:

    Finally getting track down with Jolyon Petch for Baby D.
    Its going to be a slammin feel good summer vibe, watch this space.
    Petch n Hix back in the house!!!

  2. Mark Warner says:

    Hi Andrew,
    How can I contact you about about the possibility of Montuno doing some work for me?
    Best regards – Mark

  3. admin says:

    Many thanks to Mark at of Sudetan Creche for the online session work this week.
    Logic Steinway piano in SSX.
    Hope the record company like it.
    Montuno Online …. Get me on your stuff!!!!

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